Chords in Open G Tuning – DGDGDBD

October 13, 2017


Some nice chords in Open G Tuning - DGDGBD

Hello, Steve here. I made some chords that I really like the sound of in Open G tuning. You can find these chords below, but they will make more scene if you watch the video first. However, that been said, feel free to drive straight in!
If you would like a Guitar Pro version of all the ideas I used to practice along to, head over to my patreon page, thanks.

Open G TuningOpen G TuningOpen G TuningOpen G TuningOpen G TuningOpen G TuningOpen G Tuning

Open G TuningOpen G Tuning Open G Tuning

Recommended Gear For Those New To Playing Math Rock & Emo Styles

These pieces of gear are a good place to start. A telecaster has that characteristic sound you'll hear on many of your favorite records. Stick it in the middle pickup position, and you'll have that desired sound straight away. The Yamaha THR5 is perfect for home practice, and has a bunch of modulation effects so you can try those out to see if you want to make them as part of your core sound. I have chorus on all the time. A compression pedal is very useful for tapping so I recommend trying one of those out, and lastly an overdrive to add more gain when needed!