Fender American Special Telecaster in Lake Placid Blue

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I waited far too long to get a telecaster. Please don't wait as long as I did, I beg you. Get a squier or something if you are unsure. Hands down the best guitar for the sound we associate with math rock, midwest emo, and similar styles.

Yamaha THR100HD

math rock gearFor my amp setup I run a stereo setup and use cab simulation software. The Yamaha digital modeling series offer some of the best modeling amps I have heard. The DI output provides sound that is free from interferences such as ground-loops, buzzing and so on so it makes life easier for recording. I run the DI directly into my audio interface, and use the Yamaha utility to load cab sims. You'll hear this amp on the left side of your speakers or headphones in my videos.

My Pedal Board

math rock gear

NUX Solid Studio

math rock gearThis pedal is a miced cab simulator & power amp simulator pedal. It has many functions, but the way I use it is I run a pre-amp pedal (in my case, the Vox Over the Top Boost Pedal) into this, meaning, basically, I have all three stages of an amplifier; the pre-amp, power amp and a speaker! Like the Yamaha, this pedal has a DI out which I pan to the right, so you'll hear this on the right side of your speakers or headphones in my videos.

Vox Over The Top Boost

math rock gear

Good luck finding one of these, but if you can it's definitely worth it! This pedal takes up a lot of room because it is the top boost circuit board from a Vox AC30 put into a pedal. It sounds proper crunchy and it will cut through any mix but the piercing mids can be fine tuned using the cut control.

Digitech Obscura Altered Delay

math rock gear

For how much this pedal costs it is crazy good. The reverse setting is wicked and great from experimenting with. I mostly use the tape delay setting, it sounds awesome coupled with the degrade knob dialed up so that the decays go out of tune. It also has a tap tempo function which gets very wacky if you play and tap at the same time. If you haven't owned a delay pedal before this is a great place to start.

Fender Marine Layer Reverb

math rock gearI was fortunate enough to get this pedal from Fender in return for a review video. My favorite feature is the shimmer reverb setting.

Boss CE-5 Chorus

math rock gearI got this pedal to be part of my always on sound. I wanted a subtle chorus effect, and Boss CE-5 was an excellent choice as it has quite a subtle chorusing effect.

The Warden Compressor by Earthquaker Devices

math rock gearAn excellent choice for those who are looking for a lot of tweakabilty for their compression sound. It  slightly boost the mids when engaged, it can be adjusted using the tone knob. I personally like the little coloration it gives to my clean sound and leave it on pretty much all the time. If you are looking for something a little cheaper and less fiddly, then I highly recommend the whitey tightey compressor by JHS pedal.

MXR Custom Shop il torino Overdrive

math rock gearOne of my favorite overdrive sounds, but I tend to mostly use the boost function to add a bit of grit and chime. I really love the sound I get from it and having a mid control on an overdrive pedal really helps me tune the pedal so their isn't a noticeable difference in tone when engaged. It's a little hard to get a hold of but I highly recommend this one.

Tone City Dry Martini

math rock gear

This is an OCD clone, does the job well for how well priced it is, but it has this cocked wha kinda sound to it that I don't dig. I plan to swap this out with a JHS Mini Foot Fuzz Pedal when I get the money together to afford one.

TC Electronic Ditto Looper

math rock gearReally worth investing in a looper pedal if you haven't already. I rarely use it for layering loops, the primary purpose it serves for me is looping something I'm working on and trying out ideas over the top of the loop, that and practicing general guitar stuff, for example, practicing writing melodies, ear training (playing individual notes over chords so I can train my ear to hear each note in a chord), and so on.

JHS Buffered Splitter

math rock gear

I use this to split my signal from my pedals to two different amps. It is buffered so all that signal loss is reclaimed at the end of my signal chain. This kinda thing is super useful for those that are interested in using a stereo setup, and the buffered aspect to it really makes it worth while.

Valeton Pole Position Pedal Switcher

Math Rock Gear

Recommended Gear For Those New To Playing Math Rock & Emo Styles

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