March 18, 2017

How the Lydian Mode Works - Guitar Lesson

In this Lydian mode guitar lesson we look at how to use it, and, we look at how to work out the Lydian mode in any key, and the key notes that make up each of the 7 modes.

lydian scale

lydian scale

lydian scalelydian scalelydian scale

lydian scalelydian scale

lydian scalelydian scalelydian scale

Important! - Somethings I missed in the video: For example, let's say you wanted to have a Dorian sound and our key is B major. C# is the second note in B major (where Dorian mode is derives from) it is minor mode, apply the minor spelling, c# minor (c#d#ef#g#ab) when compared with C# Dorian (c#d#ef#g#a#b) as you can see the A is A# so that's what make it sound Dorian that major 6th interval (the a#) has been raised. Your ear expects c#minor but when it hears that a# that's when things change. Remember, we need to the harmony bring out the characteristic sounds of each mode. Try playing a C# minor 7 and playing C# Dorian over the top, play the A# in that mode and you'll hear what I'm getting at. 

Lydian Example 1
Lydian mode guitar lesson Lydian mode guitar lesson Lydian mode guitar lessonlydian scale

Lydian mode guitar lessonLydian mode guitar lesson

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