Guitar Warm Up Exercises

This lesson looks at ways of warming up. We look at some guitar warm up exercises that I have put together, and why we should always warm up before playing.

3 variations of alternate picking warm upsguitar warm up exercises

guitar warm up exercises

guitar warm up exercises

Stretching warm upguitar warm up exercises

Finger/Hybrid picking warm upguitar warm up exercises

Tapping warm upguitar warm up exercises


As with everything that you learn, it is important to break whatever it is that you are learning into parts, making it more manageable and less daunting to learn. In addition, try to practice these examples to a metronome, take it slow at fist, and then build up your speed. This way you'll play better and be tighter and be practicing multiple skills all at the same time, very nice.

Best of luck, and I really, really appreciate it if you are taking the time to learn these guitar warm up exercises that I have put together. Thank you for your persistence, and as always, happy practicing.

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