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Hi, my name is Steve, and welcome to my page all about mathrock!

Whether you are a beginner, or already an experienced player, the guitar lessons that I have put together will get you on your way to playing mathrock and similar styles on your guitar. I aim to get you thinking about your own song writing skills and the methods and techniques you could learn to improve them.
Although the lessons focus on mathrock song writing skills and similar styles, they are beneficial to all styles of playing, too.

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News – October 2017

I now have some merch! Click the picture to go to the store. If you would like to share a picture of you wearing a t-shirt (or anything) then tag me on Instagram @letstalkaboutmathrock math rock

Here's myself wearing one of the t-shirts.

I received a message from Tim saying he enjoyed the TTNG video I made, couldn't believe it! He's a super nice dude, sent me a tab book and a t-shirt. You can view the lesson below, thanks.

mathrockI've recently setup a Patreon account, there you can support the channel and this page and in return you'll get access to extra content such as exclusive tutorials, vote on lesson topics, have your name in the credits to my videos, and have access to my posts.

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Featured MathRock Lesson

Learn how to play like TTNG (This Town Needs Guns). In this lesson we look at how to write and play like Tim did on the self titled debut album by This Town Needs Guns. Unfortunately, I won't be able to give you the tabs as they are copyrighted. You can get the tab book for this album over on the TTNG website and a few other places, just run a google search. I put a lot of effort into researching and making this lesson to try and make it as simple and easy as possible to follow, so I hope it comes across that way. As always, thanks for watching.

The View From This Mountain - Stephen Hazel & Andrew Blad (Math Rock Original Song)

This song is the result of a few jam sessions we had using Andrew's portable 8 track (handy little device!). We decided to record it atop a mountain (Mountain's name: Apsan) to make things more interesting for you. We hope you like it. I'm rather proud of this one.

All of My Math Rock Videos

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Want to improve your guitar playing skills? Of course you do! Creative Guitar 1 and 2 are my go-to books when it comes to improving my skills. They are both written by the master of guitar himself, Guthrie Govan. Book 1 is for beginners to immediate players, and book 2 is for more adept players. Check the links below for more information, thanks.